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{April 7, 2009}   Free Cycle Part 2

I wanted to write down a quick note before I race off to bed to begin a new book and enjoy my husband’s company. I usually don’t free cycle two nights in a row but tonight my BFF and I did a quick 10 minute trek to pick up a Graco car seat. It is in perfect condition. They run about $50 and up. I was very excited about our little find! Two nights of phenomenal free cycle pick ups! I wonder what tomorrow holds!!! Peace ~ Autumn


{April 6, 2009}   Another night of freebies~

Major score! Tonight on I scored 2 brand new pairs of adult fairy wings (one purple and the other black). Both are in pristine condition. No rips, tears, blemishes, nothing. They are totally utterly perfect! The funny thing is I have eyed these same exact wings for years. I just never wanted to cough up the 89.99 a piece that stores were asking for. Yes, you read that correctly. I got TWO sets of ninety dollar wings for free. From the same freecycler I also received 2 brand new Jessica Simpson CD’s. Although I do not care for her music my best friend’s 15 year old daughter adores her. I gave her the 2 CD’s and she was elated. My second freecycle stop consisted of a bag of Ann Taylor, Gap, and Abercrombie shirts. Over half of the shirts will fit me and I would wear them no problem. The other half I will give to my friend’s teenage daughters ~ whom are always glad to get something new. All in all for about 30 minutes worth of driving I received over $250 worth of merchandise tonight. The groovy thing is that almost all of the stuff I can use. The stuff I don’t want I will pass on to someone else who needs it or wants it. The karmatic circle goes on….. Peace Autumn

{April 6, 2009}   WOW I guess I am a slut!
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{April 6, 2009}   What kind of girl are you?
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And all this time I thought I was a hippie.  ROTFL.  I guess I knew better.

{April 5, 2009}   Door Knob Jam

            So after my husband and I got home last night from our wonderful night out, I came out into the living room to find him pounding on the door.  I thought he had locked himself out on accident.  Laughing I tried opening the door for him.  Funny, it wouldn’t open.  I checked to see if it was unlocked.  It was.  The door still wouldn’t budge an inch.  After 3 – 4minutes of fighting with the door my husband said he would go around to the backyard door.  Sadly, the doorknob was jammed.  Great, I rolled my eyes ~ not another expense.  My husband who is extremely mechanically inclined fumble with the knob for a good 25 minutes before reporting he would look at it in the morning.

            I woke up knowing I was going to have to make a jaunt to “Lowes” to pick up a new knob.  Surprisingly I walked into my living room to find the knob completely ripped off the door.  My husband announced that all it needed was some WD 40, which we already had.  15 minutes later the knob was as good as new!

            Often our first instinct is to run out and buy a new whatever, in this case knob.  But very often you can fix or get fixed whatever you have for a cheaper price or in this case for free.  My husband always amazes me at how mechanically inclined he is but today he astounded me.  Easily he saved us 50 bucks!  Moral of the story:  fix what you have and save tons of money!


Peace ~


{April 5, 2009}   A Free Night Out

            Last night my husband, daughter, and I spent a night out.  We were not only entertained but were also fed an incredible meal.  My husband and I ate steak, sautéed green beans, Italian bread and red wine vinegar, and spiced white rice.  For appetizers we ate shrimp and sushi and drank a few glasses of wine (me) and beer (him).  Dessert consisted of rich coffee and dark chocolate truffles.  We were then entertained by an impromptu “show” and partook in wonderful conversation until around midnight.  Total cost for the night out was: zero.  Yup, you read that right ~ nothing we paid nada, zero, zilch, zip; for the dinner, for the drinks, for the dessert, or for the entertainment. 

            How did I accomplish such a sweet deal?  Easy, my friend / co worker made dinner for a bunch of us.  He made the entire dinner and his 6 year old son did the impromptu “show”.  All in all it was a great night out.  I did however bring a bottle of wine to show my appreciation to the hosts.  It was a good bottle that I had already had around the house ~ so again the night cost us nothing.

            A few of us at work decided every couple of months to host a night at their place.  There have already been three nights “in”.  I have attended two ~ the next night is my turn.  One does not have to put on the beautiful extravagance of last nights dinner party though.  The previous one I attended was BYOB and the host offered some lovely appetizers and beautiful music.

            I think I will go along a similar idea.  The point is that you and your family are getting out, interacting with others, having a good time, for free or next to nothing.  It is a wonderful way to socialize with friends and or co workers.  I am so thankful that there are so many people at my job whom I call friend.  What a great night out! 


Peace ~


            OK, yes you can get many many things for FREE or for really really CHEAP.  Is it hard to do, sometimes, is it time consuming, it can be…. you must be willing to think outside the box!  Running down to Wal-Mart or Target every single time you need something is not the answer. 


1.  FreeCycle:  I am a HUGE fan of FreeCycle ( If you have not heard of them  then go there right now and sign up.  You can put your zip code in to find your nearest freecycle group. I am a member of 3 freecycle groups.  If you have something that is useful but you no longer want you can post it to give away.  Someone can then respond and ask for it.  You can also post things that you would like under “wanted”.  Free cycle is a lot like karma.  You can give something or you can get something (or even do both).  It is a way groovy website.  We all have stuff looming about our homes that we don’t need, want, or use anymore. 

            Just yesterday I scored a brown and white spaghetti strap cocktail dress!  Not only is it gorgeous but it fits me perfectly.  I had to drive a total of 18 minutes to pick it up but I made an adventure out of it.  It was a lovely drive in a scenic part of southern California so I decided to bring my family along. I timed the drive right when my daughter would be going down for her nap.  She got to enjoy the gentle sway of our van on the freeway while she drifted off to sleep.  Meanwhile my husband and I got to catch up on some quality time while we drove to our destination.    

            18 minutes later I had dress in hand. The dress looks like it is from an upscale boutique and if I had to guess it probably cost around 50 – 85 bucks.  Not bad for a little Saturday morning drive. 


2.  Ask!  If you need something ask around.  I mean ask everyone you know ~ family, friends, neighbors, coworkers (you get the idea).  Looking for a blender, a BBQ, a set of dishes?  Loads of people you know are sitting on stuff they have around the house that they never use.  Often you can get these things for free or very inexpensively.  I have gotten a $385 stroller, high chair, Winnie the pooh chair, baby clothing, lawn mower, and countless other items all for asking around.  All of these items were free!  That’s right I paid NOTHING for them.  They were given to me free of charge.  If you still can’t locate the object of your desire you can always post a “want ad” on local or online message boards, on the freecycle web site, in the penny saver, in your local newspaper, or on   


3.  Yard Sale:  So you have asked around and you still can’t find that special item.  I am not going to tell you to run to Wal-Mart yet!  Depending on what part of the country you are from and what time of year it is yard sales are an excellent resource.  Many people will tell you to wander into the upscale parts of the city but I say you will also get upscale prices.  My advice is to hit many yard sales in different cities ~ you be the judge of what city has the best finds.  Luckily for me I live in sunny southern California so yard sales are plentiful all year long.  Keep an eye open for deals but remember you are looking for your “special” item.


4. is also a pretty great site.  You can actually search in your specified city for a specific item you are hunting for. is a treasure trove of great deals.  Often you can get phenomenal deals!  Happy shopping!


5. Thrift Stores:  Thrift stores are a great commodity.  Unfortunately with the economic crisis well underway I know many thrift stores are receiving less and less donations.  What does this mean to you?  Possible higher prices and less items to choose from.  I still would not rule out going and checking out thrift stores for whatever you are searching for. 


These are just some of the ways you can score free and cheap items.  Happy hunting!!



{April 4, 2009}   Big Business

            The United States of America is a capitalist country, period end of story.  The vast majority of individuals residing in this country are little “consumers” running out and buying whatever they think they “need”.  The American people are not stupid, far from it!  But let’s face it we have been duped, brainwashed, had!  By whom you ask ~ big business and advertising.  Companies spend BILLIONS, ok breathe that in for a second, BILLIONS of dollars to get you to buy their product.


Case in point how many times have you seen a commercial for a big delicious pizza and ordered a pizza within 24 hours?  I know I have!  Take a look at the telly (TV) ~ how many commercials are there in between breaks in your show?  Go ahead and count them!  Or better still, ladies pick up a Cosmo or any ladies magazine….the first 30 pages are geared to what…you guessed it advertising!  I think just being aware of big business’ agenda can help us to start to see straight. We are much smarter than big business give us credit for! 


Now I am not saying give up your magazine subscriptions or yard sale your telly.  I am not a big fan of the telly to be honest with you.  It is a big time waster in my opinion.  There are one or two shows that I actually adore but I pay the money to have a DVR ~ this way I can fast forward all those nasty little commercials and get to what I really want to be watching.  Just because I am a hippie doesn’t mean I don’t spend money, I just spend my money on what I love, what I need, and monitor my “wants”.  DVR definitely falls into the want category ~ but it saves me time so therefore it is priceless to me (and cheap). 


My infant daughter I do not allow her to watch the telly ~ she is far too young to be exposed to so much advertising.  However I do allow her to watch a Baby Einstein or Sesame Street for about 20 minutes a day.  There are no commercials (all of them are DVD or VHS) and she loves it!  I don’t think that TV is a bad thing for children per say if used in moderation, but sticking your kids in front of the TV for hours is not conducive for them at all. How much you allow your children and yourself for that matter to be exposed to the TV (telly) is totally your call.  But please please please be aware of BIG business’ commercial advertising agenda.  They want your money…period end of story.  It is your money.  You worked damn hard for it.  Think about this the next time a big business tries to entice you to buy, buy, buy. 


I believe that you have to get smarter when purchasing things.  Therefore, I try and acquire things by two routes….free and cheap.  I will discuss Free and Cheap in my next Blog!  Until next time…





{April 4, 2009}   The Hippie Blog
I often feel I was born much too late.  I missed Woodstock and the sexual revolution.  I never got to burn my bra or participate in a sit in.  I never was able to use the words “Groovy”, “Far out” or “Peace” without evoking weird looks or snickers from people (although I still use these words).  I am 33 years old and am a free loving, love child, hippie born just a decade or two off.  Perhaps it was because my formative years took place in the 70’s, perhaps it is my free loving spirit, or maybe it was all those episodes of Scooby Doo and Dafney’s far out wardrobe that influenced my eccentric behavior.  No matter…it is a fact of who I am.
I would much rather spend a few days in Sedona, AZ breathing in the positive vibes or cruising the vast beach with my infant daughter soaking up the California sunshine and basking in the ocean air then spend my day at the mall.  My priorities in life are to enjoy it, drink it in, live for today, and have a balanced spirit.  Hippie’s think outside of the box…what is important to me, is not necessarily what is important to everyone.  My focus is on my family, my much loved animals, my health, my spirit, and our survival. I do understand that one has to make some kind of living in order to survive.   
Unfortunately with the current bad vibes of the economy it can be difficult to stay positive and still do the things you love.  So many people that I know and work with are succumbing to more work for less pay, taking two jobs, and living a lifestyle that drains their essential life force.  
My blog is about shifting your focus (even I need to do this at times).  Perhaps society needs to have a more “hippie” attitude and realize what is important to them.  In my blog I will write about my experiences, how to save money so you can do what you love, and insights that I find on my journey.
I do not have all the answers, nor do I pretend to but so many people are hurting, so many people have a helpless and hopeless attitude right now.  Life is a pendulum, it swings back and forth…to and fro. This to shall pass.  I hope all the readers of my blog will glean some sort of helpful insight that will enlighten your spirit (or your pocket book).  
Peace ~

et cetera