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{May 23, 2009}   Not another income loss!

            My husband and I have lost 2 sources of income in a 60 day period.  Does that suck.  The first source of income was by choice, the second source of income was NOT by choice.  I was in total shock and extremely concerned about my families financial future when I learned of our further diminishing monetary situation.  It seems like so many people I know are out of work.  It is everywhere, on the faces of my friends and coworkers, on the radio, plastered across the newspaper, and on the 10 o’clock news.  It is like a horrific disease that is spreading rapidly, far quicker than even the dreaded swine flu.

            I had to really give myself a reality check or I knew that I could potentially get consumed in negativity.  My family has their health and we have a warm cozy house to sleep in at night.  We have a lot more than many people, so I took a deep breath and counted my blessings.  Then I decided all the groovy recycling, freecycling, and diving that I was going to have to accelerate in order to help to make up our new personal budget deficit. 

            Already I am in full swing coming up with creative and inventive way to glean stuff for my family for free or very cheaply. Today was a good day full of huge successes!  Here is a list of our bounty ~


  1. HUGE afghan:   (FREE)
  2. 2 bags full of women’s clothing (Some things fit me others do not.  What doesn’t fit me I will be giving to my sister.  She recently lost not 1 but 2 jobs herself!):  FREE
  3. 1 brand new tennis ball: FREE
  4. Bohemian blanket:  $1
  5. Metal bowl from India:  $1
  6. Dress, hat, and bloomers for my daughter:  .50 cents
  7. Flowers:  FREE


It is often difficult to focus on the positive when one has been perpetually slapped in the face by reality.  But it is during difficult times that a person HAS to focus on the positive.  When I go through hard times I always remind myself that we grow the most during trials and tribulations!  Besides, it will make for a fantastic story years from now!  Stay tuned for job loss advice!


Peace ~


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