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{May 12, 2009}   What is your addiction?

            We all have them, admit it!  The majority of United States citizens are addicted to some type of material good; something we must buy, something that we must consume, something that we can’t live without, something we crave.  I am going to have to safely say that my addition is not Starbucks Coffee, (although I am a Coke addict), no is it expensive jewelry, my definite addiction is and always will be books.  It is the ONE reason I can’t live off the grid.  I have to be able to buy books (OK there are other reason too but this is a main one).

            I have been addicted to books since I was very young.  I would read one, only to be enchanted with another that I would quickly consume with my fast moving eyes.  The addiction only worsened as I aged.  I now have books in every room in my house.  Some have cozy, warm homes on book shelves, others are spewing across my cherry wood desk, or heaped upon my bed side tables, still others are nested on my entertainment center, coffee table, and waiting patiently to be read in a few chests I have, still others ride every day with me to and from work.  My love of books is quite evident.  I buy books at yard sales, I trade books on line, I check books out at the library, I borrow books from friends, and yes I purchase hundreds upon hundreds of dollars of books.  I try to buy used but this is an area that I will buy new.  I can’t help it, knowledge is power…education as I so often say is the key to everything and this is a resource that I will never be able or willing to give up.

            One of my first words out of my daughter’s mouth was “book!”  She happily tells me “book” as she thrusts one of her well loved board books on my lap as I happily read it over and over and over again to her.  Already my addiction is quickly becoming my daughters.  I don’t feel all addictions are bad, in a sense if anything I feel that loving books is a “good” retail addiction.  At least it is educational, but I digress.

            Book buying only leads to more book buying and a tremendous sense of guilt afterwards that remains in the pit of my belly.  After all spending money is still spending money, regardless of what it is on.  But truly I can not help it. There is no “book readers anonymous” so I guess I am stuck with my addiction to books.  It is an addiction that I relish with extreme enthusiasm and delight.  Now if I could just get Barnes and Noble to give me a bigger discount I would be set.  Now just what is your addiction?


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