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{May 5, 2009}   Not just another drone

I strongly feel that many whom “love” capitalism are more enslaved than in love.  They are in love with shopping and consuming period end of story.  Happiness is being sold don’t you know and its all pre-packed here for you with a pretty red bow ready for you to pluck it off the shelf and buy.  Capitalism has the allure of the new much needed item that will make all of your worries, fears, feelings of inadequacy, or other neurosis disappear like mist in the wind.  At least that’s what big business wants you to believe.  Consumers are persuaded by the monopolization and lies of big business.  Big business feeds into our inadequacies, making us feel less than if we don’t have the new car, the new wrinkle cream, or the perfect body.  Thus, so many individuals, I feel, have become enslaved to the earn ~ buy ~ toss cycle.  People earn money only to spend it and then throw their goods away without a moment’s hesitation. 

I would love to live off the grid!!!  Love it to the very depths of my soul!  But I have to admit that I don’t.  There are things I do like to spend money on.  I love buying my daughter’s baby formula, countless books to read, and the inexpensive meal out with my husband.  Other than small purchases that I truly and absolutely LOVE and enjoy I try to borrow, find, or scavenge everything else.  I spend my money on things that I enrich mine and my family’s life.  I don’t care if it hurts big business ~ what has big business done for any of us?  I often find it difficult in So Cal to find certain things I need but I continue my quest day after day determined to utilize the money I do make for the highest good of my family instead of squandering all of my pretty green money like a drone of society.




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