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{May 5, 2009}   How to have a clothing swap

             My friends and I are still talking about our hugely successful clothing swap party that took place on Friday night.  We are wearing our items to work and the guys are now threatening to have a clothing swap party of their own!  (We want to be invited to that one!!!)  Which got me to thinking, perhaps I should lay out the guidelines of how we threw our own party.  If anyone is interested in having their own clothing swap soirée you can follow the following steps if you want ~


  1. Send your invitations out via email (it saves trees and is free!). If you must send a hard copy invite out use your computer to make it.  The cost is so much cheaper than store bought invitations.  Microsoft has fun pictures under “clip art” that you can insert into your invitations to customize them. 
  2. On your invitation, list everything that people can bring to the swap:  shirts, dresses, jewelry, shoes, jackets, etc.  This will make it easier for the guests when going through their closets. 
  3. Invite approximately 15 – 20 guests.  Many people will not show up so you want to make sure that you are going to have enough clothing and people.
  4. Have the party in a location that allows clothing to be piled up.  I find a room with ample floor and couch space is fabulous.
  5. Be sure that a full length mirror is available for guests.
  6. If each person brings 3 bags + each person can take as much as they want.  Don’t worry about someone taking everything. 
  7. Have wine (lots of it) and cheese and crackers.  The cheese and crackers are easy to eat and don’t make a mess.  The wine is just a given.  J  Have everyone bring something so that the hostess is not the one paying for everything. 
  8. The person in charge of the left over clothing can offer it to other friends or family before donating it all to charity. 
  9. Plan on having another one 6 months later (or whenever the seasons change dramatically). 
  10. Put a bag at the bottom of your closet to save all your “unwanteds” for the next swap!!


Clothing swap parties are fabulous fun and help keep unwanted clothing out of landfills.  With so many people out of work and being laid off now is not the time to consume even more luxuries such as clothing.  A clothing swap party allows you to update your wardrobe for the cost of a bottle of cheap wine or crackers. 


Peace ~




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