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{May 3, 2009}   Tiki God

            Today the neighbors across the street from us had a small yard sale.  The yard sale was nothing fabulous, just a few desperate and sad looking items spewed forth upon their brown, dry lawn.  There were clothes, vases, pictures, water skis, and mattresses.  Only a few people wandered into their yard and left with little or nothing.  I was shocked and dismayed when at 3 pm the woman that lives there began stuffing bags upon bags of clothing into the TRASH!  I was so sad to see so many usable items go into a landfill.  All of their yard sale items went out to the curb:  water skis, the mattress ~ all of it!  I even heard all of her collectibles shatter as she threw them and pushed them down farther into the trash can!!!!

            Another neighbor sent his son over to retrieve the water skis and I walked over to retrieve 2 matching 70’s wood beach scenic pictures.  Although they were scratched they look fabulous in my retro bar.  I wondered why this woman did not put these things on or set them outside with a “FREE” sign displayed on them instead of throwing so many useful things into the trash.  We as a society are so wasteful.  What we throw away could help millions of people all over the world.  I strongly feel that we as a nation really need to change our thinking when it comes to consumerism, which leads me to tonight’s escapades. 

            Typically Sunday night is scavenger night for me.  My friend and I usually jump into his little white hatch back right after the baby has fallen to sleep.  We drive around town and pick up things from, scavenge fruit, or check out and see if anyone has brought anything interesting to the curb to toss.  Tonight we were on a mission to retrieve a stuffed bear from a freecycler.  As luck would have it the bear was scented and I seem to be allergic to it.  No matter I was planning to put it on a gift.  Anyhow ~ I convinced my friend to wander over to a more affluent part of our city.

            After 45 minutes of scavenging we found “him” on the side of the road lying down face down in the street.  I quickly instructed my friend to pull over and he jumped out of the car, noting the huge figure.  Lying face down was a 9 foot painted Tiki Idol made out of a coconut tree.  We quickly picked him up and realized there was no way Tiki Man was going to fit into the tiny hatch back.  We carefully hid “him” behind an army of trash cans. 

            Thank god my husband was on “stand by” in case we found something amazing that needed to be picked up via truck.  We quickly hurried home and my friend and husband went and got Tiki Man.   On more careful inspection this Tiki God is a one of a kind piece of artwork and was hand made by someone.  It is, to say the least, a fabulous piece of art.  I teasingly asked my husband, whom is part Hawaiian, if Tiki Man would be the guest of honor at our yard sale on Friday.  My husband quickly told me that “NO!” Tiki Man would now be a permanent resident in our backyard, which is fine by me.  Again I am absolutely amazed what people throw away.  If you don’t believe me take a look around your neighborhood and see for yourself.  Who knows, Sunday night might be scavenger night for you too!





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