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{April 19, 2009}   More Free Stuff!!

            It’s been a while since I posted…I think a week.  Work will do that to you.  I come home pretty much exhausted from yet another day, although I do love my job, I then squeeze in as much time as I can doing the things I love until I can no longer keep my eyes open.  Then I crash in bed, usually falling asleep reading something or another. 

Last week was not too good of a week for pick ups or treasure finds.  My eyes were cast to the sky, instead of to the ground…which is probably a commonality in bohemians.  I did not have the will nor the inclination to scavenge or look last week….my mind was elsewhere.  I find myself glittering from one subject to another ~ day to day ~ week to week.  It is hard for me to sometimes stay focused at times.  Often my reaction is to run away somewhere far with my family and live off the grid.  Traveling like gypsies from place to place, but again I digress, back to the free stuff topic at hand.

Most people do not realize the stuff that is available to them for absolutely free, heck sometimes I don’t even realize it! Living the Hippie Life or Bohemian Life, as what I like to call it has its ups and downs and often it does take work.  BUT ~ I work so hard for my money I don’t want to just let it slip away to expensive over priced stuff …..recently we have downsized from a two income family to a one.  So living the boho life can help…it can actually help a lot.  I am going to try my hardest to not flitter away like the butterfly that I am.  I am going to try and post as many tips as I possibly can think of for helping anyone interested living a more free life.  Free of stress, free of consumerism, and free of the having to have it all!

On to yesterday’s booty!  Yesterday was a great treasure day! Here is a list of all the wonderful items and things that I did on Saturday.


Yard Sales

4 necklaces ~ $1 each ~ $4 total

15 country decorative bunnies & dolls (ranging from 4 inches to 3 feet) $1 for ALL

2 birdhouses .25 cents

Baby Tee Shirt ~ .25 cents


Day Out

Went to the Zoo in Irvine ~ $2 per ticket (our daughter was free) ~ $4 total



Another Car Seat:  This one was in excellent like new condition. ~ FREE

5 spider plants ~ FREE

Christmas tree in the pot ~ Delivered to us FREE 


Total Days Expenses:  $9.50


I have some major plans for pick up next week and tonight I am going to go scavengering around the neighborhood to see what I find.  If I find anything worth mentioning I shall post!


Peace ~

Hippie Chick


Be wary of used car seats. Otherwise, happy scavenging!

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