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{April 19, 2009}   Diapers and Oranges

I just wanted to write a quick note before I head off to take a shower and go to bed to read some delicious books. Most likely I will stay up far too late and fall fast asleep bemoaning myself in the morning. This evening my friend and I headed out to pick up some free diapers for my baby. There were over 75 diapers in my daughter’s size. Best of all they were free (off of freecycle). The diapers themselves are a fantastic find but the drive was by far the highlight of this evening’s trip. The house that we drove to (a mere 17 minutes from my house) was literally surrounded by sweet smelling orange trees.

The pungent aroma of wayfaring orange blossoms impregnated the spring night air to an intoxicating level. Driving on the dusty highway I convinced my partner in crime to pull off the road, which he did begrudgingly. There lined on the side of the road were vast miles and miles of unattended sweet orange trees, their juicy orbs hanging off of whispering green leaves flittering slightly in the night air. The delicious fruit practically begged to be plucked from the limbs of the trees that held them. I figured that these trees were not fenced in; hence no one would mind if I plucked a few or took a few off the ground. Many already lay rotting in the moons blue light already. I scooped and plucked a few of the juicy spheres and planted them wistfully on my friend’s floor board. Soon the car was filled with the juicy aroma as we drove off into the night. I announced that his children, connoisseurs of fruit, should be the receivers of our bounty of oranges. I plan on going back very soon under cover of darkness to partake in the sensual aroma of the orange blossoms and of course gather up a few pieces of fruit.

Peace ~ Autumn


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