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{April 9, 2009}   Scores and Splurges

UGH!  I cannot stand days that drain your soul of its energy.  Unfortunately today was one of those days.  I had to stay late at work and endure a tedious meeting that kept me away from my family.  I also ordered a pizza (yuck) because I didn’t want to cook; instead I wanted to spend time with my lovely daughter and husband.  The great thing is that tonight does not have to be crappy as well!  Tonight will be oh so much better than today!

I plan on reading and soaking in the bathtub for a while.  Maybe I will even do a few yoga poses.  That would be great.  Before I slip off into my own private oasis I wanted to go over a few things that I felt were definitely “scores” of the week that I did not get an opportunity to write about previously in my other blogs. 


Scores (AKA free stuff and great deals)


Hula Hoop:  I was given a perfectly good hula hoop that a coworker no longer wanted.  It is purple and is in utterly fabulous condition. Every adult should own a hula hoop!


Fresh Fruit and Veggies:  On the way home one evening this week I stopped at one of my favorite road side veggie stands.  There I stocked up on tomatoes, mangos, and plums.  I got all for the mere price of $3.00!  You can’t beat that!  I also felt a certain Zen like presence standing at the veggie stand among the rolling hills and breathing in all the fresh air.  Simply put nature will cure what is ailing you.


Pencil:  At work I found a pencil with a perfect eraser!  This isn’t just any pencil; it is a type of pencil I have not seen since my junior high school days.  They were my favorite brand until they discontinued them years ago.  How someone even has one is beyond me.  I quickly scoped up my nostalgic find!


Clothing Swap:  We are putting together a clothing swap at work to swap clothing!  How groovy is that?


Splurge (All the things I would rather spend my money on then bills and stuff)


Concert:  I am going to a rock concert in Hollywood this weekend with my husband.  We paid $100 bucks for two tickets but babysitting will be done by grandma so that is free. 


I would rather spend my hard earned money on nights out with my husband or traveling then give AT&T money or southern CA Edison.  My priorities are my family and good times.  Here’s to good times and more to come!






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