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{April 6, 2009}   Another night of freebies~

Major score! Tonight on I scored 2 brand new pairs of adult fairy wings (one purple and the other black). Both are in pristine condition. No rips, tears, blemishes, nothing. They are totally utterly perfect! The funny thing is I have eyed these same exact wings for years. I just never wanted to cough up the 89.99 a piece that stores were asking for. Yes, you read that correctly. I got TWO sets of ninety dollar wings for free. From the same freecycler I also received 2 brand new Jessica Simpson CD’s. Although I do not care for her music my best friend’s 15 year old daughter adores her. I gave her the 2 CD’s and she was elated. My second freecycle stop consisted of a bag of Ann Taylor, Gap, and Abercrombie shirts. Over half of the shirts will fit me and I would wear them no problem. The other half I will give to my friend’s teenage daughters ~ whom are always glad to get something new. All in all for about 30 minutes worth of driving I received over $250 worth of merchandise tonight. The groovy thing is that almost all of the stuff I can use. The stuff I don’t want I will pass on to someone else who needs it or wants it. The karmatic circle goes on….. Peace Autumn


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