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{April 5, 2009}   How to get stuff for Free or for Cheap

            OK, yes you can get many many things for FREE or for really really CHEAP.  Is it hard to do, sometimes, is it time consuming, it can be…. you must be willing to think outside the box!  Running down to Wal-Mart or Target every single time you need something is not the answer. 


1.  FreeCycle:  I am a HUGE fan of FreeCycle ( If you have not heard of them  then go there right now and sign up.  You can put your zip code in to find your nearest freecycle group. I am a member of 3 freecycle groups.  If you have something that is useful but you no longer want you can post it to give away.  Someone can then respond and ask for it.  You can also post things that you would like under “wanted”.  Free cycle is a lot like karma.  You can give something or you can get something (or even do both).  It is a way groovy website.  We all have stuff looming about our homes that we don’t need, want, or use anymore. 

            Just yesterday I scored a brown and white spaghetti strap cocktail dress!  Not only is it gorgeous but it fits me perfectly.  I had to drive a total of 18 minutes to pick it up but I made an adventure out of it.  It was a lovely drive in a scenic part of southern California so I decided to bring my family along. I timed the drive right when my daughter would be going down for her nap.  She got to enjoy the gentle sway of our van on the freeway while she drifted off to sleep.  Meanwhile my husband and I got to catch up on some quality time while we drove to our destination.    

            18 minutes later I had dress in hand. The dress looks like it is from an upscale boutique and if I had to guess it probably cost around 50 – 85 bucks.  Not bad for a little Saturday morning drive. 


2.  Ask!  If you need something ask around.  I mean ask everyone you know ~ family, friends, neighbors, coworkers (you get the idea).  Looking for a blender, a BBQ, a set of dishes?  Loads of people you know are sitting on stuff they have around the house that they never use.  Often you can get these things for free or very inexpensively.  I have gotten a $385 stroller, high chair, Winnie the pooh chair, baby clothing, lawn mower, and countless other items all for asking around.  All of these items were free!  That’s right I paid NOTHING for them.  They were given to me free of charge.  If you still can’t locate the object of your desire you can always post a “want ad” on local or online message boards, on the freecycle web site, in the penny saver, in your local newspaper, or on   


3.  Yard Sale:  So you have asked around and you still can’t find that special item.  I am not going to tell you to run to Wal-Mart yet!  Depending on what part of the country you are from and what time of year it is yard sales are an excellent resource.  Many people will tell you to wander into the upscale parts of the city but I say you will also get upscale prices.  My advice is to hit many yard sales in different cities ~ you be the judge of what city has the best finds.  Luckily for me I live in sunny southern California so yard sales are plentiful all year long.  Keep an eye open for deals but remember you are looking for your “special” item.


4. is also a pretty great site.  You can actually search in your specified city for a specific item you are hunting for. is a treasure trove of great deals.  Often you can get phenomenal deals!  Happy shopping!


5. Thrift Stores:  Thrift stores are a great commodity.  Unfortunately with the economic crisis well underway I know many thrift stores are receiving less and less donations.  What does this mean to you?  Possible higher prices and less items to choose from.  I still would not rule out going and checking out thrift stores for whatever you are searching for. 


These are just some of the ways you can score free and cheap items.  Happy hunting!!




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