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{April 5, 2009}   Door Knob Jam

            So after my husband and I got home last night from our wonderful night out, I came out into the living room to find him pounding on the door.  I thought he had locked himself out on accident.  Laughing I tried opening the door for him.  Funny, it wouldn’t open.  I checked to see if it was unlocked.  It was.  The door still wouldn’t budge an inch.  After 3 – 4minutes of fighting with the door my husband said he would go around to the backyard door.  Sadly, the doorknob was jammed.  Great, I rolled my eyes ~ not another expense.  My husband who is extremely mechanically inclined fumble with the knob for a good 25 minutes before reporting he would look at it in the morning.

            I woke up knowing I was going to have to make a jaunt to “Lowes” to pick up a new knob.  Surprisingly I walked into my living room to find the knob completely ripped off the door.  My husband announced that all it needed was some WD 40, which we already had.  15 minutes later the knob was as good as new!

            Often our first instinct is to run out and buy a new whatever, in this case knob.  But very often you can fix or get fixed whatever you have for a cheaper price or in this case for free.  My husband always amazes me at how mechanically inclined he is but today he astounded me.  Easily he saved us 50 bucks!  Moral of the story:  fix what you have and save tons of money!


Peace ~



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