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{April 5, 2009}   A Free Night Out

            Last night my husband, daughter, and I spent a night out.  We were not only entertained but were also fed an incredible meal.  My husband and I ate steak, sautéed green beans, Italian bread and red wine vinegar, and spiced white rice.  For appetizers we ate shrimp and sushi and drank a few glasses of wine (me) and beer (him).  Dessert consisted of rich coffee and dark chocolate truffles.  We were then entertained by an impromptu “show” and partook in wonderful conversation until around midnight.  Total cost for the night out was: zero.  Yup, you read that right ~ nothing we paid nada, zero, zilch, zip; for the dinner, for the drinks, for the dessert, or for the entertainment. 

            How did I accomplish such a sweet deal?  Easy, my friend / co worker made dinner for a bunch of us.  He made the entire dinner and his 6 year old son did the impromptu “show”.  All in all it was a great night out.  I did however bring a bottle of wine to show my appreciation to the hosts.  It was a good bottle that I had already had around the house ~ so again the night cost us nothing.

            A few of us at work decided every couple of months to host a night at their place.  There have already been three nights “in”.  I have attended two ~ the next night is my turn.  One does not have to put on the beautiful extravagance of last nights dinner party though.  The previous one I attended was BYOB and the host offered some lovely appetizers and beautiful music.

            I think I will go along a similar idea.  The point is that you and your family are getting out, interacting with others, having a good time, for free or next to nothing.  It is a wonderful way to socialize with friends and or co workers.  I am so thankful that there are so many people at my job whom I call friend.  What a great night out! 


Peace ~



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