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{April 4, 2009}   Big Business

            The United States of America is a capitalist country, period end of story.  The vast majority of individuals residing in this country are little “consumers” running out and buying whatever they think they “need”.  The American people are not stupid, far from it!  But let’s face it we have been duped, brainwashed, had!  By whom you ask ~ big business and advertising.  Companies spend BILLIONS, ok breathe that in for a second, BILLIONS of dollars to get you to buy their product.


Case in point how many times have you seen a commercial for a big delicious pizza and ordered a pizza within 24 hours?  I know I have!  Take a look at the telly (TV) ~ how many commercials are there in between breaks in your show?  Go ahead and count them!  Or better still, ladies pick up a Cosmo or any ladies magazine….the first 30 pages are geared to what…you guessed it advertising!  I think just being aware of big business’ agenda can help us to start to see straight. We are much smarter than big business give us credit for! 


Now I am not saying give up your magazine subscriptions or yard sale your telly.  I am not a big fan of the telly to be honest with you.  It is a big time waster in my opinion.  There are one or two shows that I actually adore but I pay the money to have a DVR ~ this way I can fast forward all those nasty little commercials and get to what I really want to be watching.  Just because I am a hippie doesn’t mean I don’t spend money, I just spend my money on what I love, what I need, and monitor my “wants”.  DVR definitely falls into the want category ~ but it saves me time so therefore it is priceless to me (and cheap). 


My infant daughter I do not allow her to watch the telly ~ she is far too young to be exposed to so much advertising.  However I do allow her to watch a Baby Einstein or Sesame Street for about 20 minutes a day.  There are no commercials (all of them are DVD or VHS) and she loves it!  I don’t think that TV is a bad thing for children per say if used in moderation, but sticking your kids in front of the TV for hours is not conducive for them at all. How much you allow your children and yourself for that matter to be exposed to the TV (telly) is totally your call.  But please please please be aware of BIG business’ commercial advertising agenda.  They want your money…period end of story.  It is your money.  You worked damn hard for it.  Think about this the next time a big business tries to entice you to buy, buy, buy. 


I believe that you have to get smarter when purchasing things.  Therefore, I try and acquire things by two routes….free and cheap.  I will discuss Free and Cheap in my next Blog!  Until next time…






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